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  • Alta Contour Knee Pads
    Anyone who has set up a stalk over a shale field can attest to the discomfort that comes from banged and scraped knees. The Alta Contour knee pads change the game- fully adjustable, biomechanically designed and featuring thin but comfortable neoprene padding covered by a hard shell the Contour protects your knees from rocks, alders and falls. With widely spaced straps to stop bunching and a no-slip rubber strip on the back inside these knee pads will stay in place while you focus on the task at hand. Tough, light, and easy on/off the Contour is a great choice for all hunters. One size fits most
  • Sea to Summit Bug Jacket
    The Sea to Summit Bug Jacket is an essential piece of gear to have on any hunt where you may encounter insects. Whether your waiting out a bear from a tree stand in the spring, or glassing over swamps for Moose and Caribou in the fall, to have complete protection from the annoyance of insects is priceless. A superior bug protection system for any outdoor activity. Very compact and lightweight because we use ultra-fine 100% No-See-Um mesh. The Bug Jacket is also a key piece of equipment to have for skinning out that trophy of a lifetime. Often times, the bugs don't get back until the first few cuts are made! Make sure you throw one of these in your field dressing kit this fall.