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  • Minus 33 Balaclava
    Once above alpine you will understand why we recommend taking this piece. When the mercury drops, and the windchill rises, your partner will be jealous when you slip one of these out of your pack and over your head! Full vision gives hunters the ability to glass for game while retaining that vital heat. -100% Merino Wool

  • First Lite Llano Long Sleeve
    The Llano long sleeve is perfect for those chilly mornings. When you roll out of the tent there is frost on the ground, but you know once the sun comes up you will have to ditch the puffy jacket and then its up to the Llano. Merino wool is the ideal base layer material for a couple reasons. Perhaps most importantly is the way merino wool interacts with the environment. Merino wool does an excellent job wicking moisture, which makes you feel cool when its hot, but it also an excellent insulator which makes you feel warm when its cold. These micro adjustments are largely effected by fabric weight, but there is no denying the benefits of merino wool. The Llano long sleeve makes the most of these benefits, keeping you comfortable as you pursue your next trophy. -Machine washable and dryable
  • First Lite Llano Short Sleeve
    The quintessential base layer the short sleeve shirt is a real team player. As the layer that touches your skin this layer has to be soft enough to keep away friction rash, it has to wick away all the sweat you produce as you struggle through alders, and to top it all off it should be anti-microbial because you are going to wear this bad boy for 7 days straight. It’s a tall order, one that is pretty hard to match, but the Llano SS has it covered. The natural properties of merino wool will keep you comfortable and protected during your next hunt. When you pack merino wool you can focus on other things, trust nature and wear merino wool. -17.5 ultrafine merino wool -Flat seams for next to skin comfort -Machine washable and dryable
  • First Lite Allegheny Bottoms
    One of the main reasons merino wool is so popular as a base layer is because of the versatility it offers hunters. With synthetic base layers you have to pay close attention to the weight of the product, not so with merino wool. The natural wool fibers respond to micro changes in temperature, which is why one of the widely toted benefits is that merino wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Allegheny bottoms should be your go-to base layer for your legs. Whether you are crouched in a duck blind or wandering the mountains the Allegheny is your first line of defense against sweat, cold and stink producing bacteria. Trust nature and choose merino wool. -Machine washable and dryable
  • First Lite Red Desert Boxer
    At Barneys we are big fans of merino wool. Its soft, performs well in a huge temperature range and is naturally antimicrobial. These benefits translate to more comfortable days in the field with less time waiting for the laundry. Unless you don’t sweat when you are lugging you gear to the top of a mountain you will enjoy the wicking power of merino wool as well as the temperature regulation that is one of the perks of using a natural insulator. Flat stitches keep chafing to a minimum and a soft jacquard waistband keeps your shorts where they belong. -17.5 micron Ultrafine Merino wool -Machine washable and dryable
  • Minus 33 Womens Midweight Crew
    Barney's Sports Chalet has carried Minus 33 for quite some time. The superior quality of 100% merino wool has kept us comfortable in nearly every temperature range. We are proud to provide female hunters with this level of quality. Are you tired of wearing clothes cut for men? This women's specific top will start your layering system the right way and ensure you stay comfortable on your next hunt. Not only does merino wool provide itch-free comfort, it is also odor resistant, more thermally effective than synthetic across a wide temperature range, and easy to care for. Make the switch to merino, and hunt in clothing made for you. -8.32 oz in Large -230 g/m2 100% merino wool -Flat lock seams for chafe free comfort
  • Minus 33 Mid Weight 1/4 Zip Mock
    Popular with our sheep and goat hunters for it's easy 1/4 length zip ventilation capabilities, the Zip Mock is also a great piece for those extended sits where you are either pinned down by a band of rams or waiting for that trophy bear to pop out. You can wear it alone of team it up with a short sleeve lightweight T. The versatility of this piece makes it a great choice for early fall through late spring. Minus 33 uses only the finest merino wool. Not only does merino wool provide itch-free comfort, it is also odor resistant, more thermally effective than synthetic across a wide temperature range, and easy to care for. Make the switch to merino, and hunt comfortably regardless of the elements. -100% 18.5 Micron Merino Wool

  • Minus 33 Mid Weight Bottoms
    These mid weight bottoms are great for either wearing under your hiking pants or just in your sleeping bag at night. Worn by hunters of all calibers, from spring brown bear hunters, to fall goat hunters, any serious hunter puts their trust in these bottoms to ensure a safe, warm and comfortable trip. Merino wool not only provides itch free comfort, it is also odor resistant, more thermally efficient than synthetics, and easy to care for. Switch to merino and experience the benefits of merino wool. -100% 18.5 Micron Merino Wool

  • Minus 33 Lightweight SS 1/4 Length Zip Tee
    The Light Weight 1/4 Zip Short Sleeve T is a great early season hunt T that offers a combination of features including the 1/4 Zip ventilation while hiking, short sleeve design for added comfort, and mock collar for when you get above alpine. Dall Sheep hunters headed to the Brooks for the season opener, make sure you have one of these! -100% 17.5 Micron Merino Wool

  • Minus 33 Lightweight SS Crew
    A Barney's staff favorite for its versatility in the field, this piece is the quintessential base layer. Wear it alone on a hot day and experience the wicking capabilities of lightweight merino wool, its short sleeves and natural anti microbial properties give relief during scorchers where you are putting in 10+ miles a day. Keep warm in colder weather and layer the crew top with the midweight or expedition weight 1/4 zip. Merino wool's natural anti-itch properties and superior thermal efficiency make it the perfect base layer material and the crew short sleeve top is the original building block of a perfect layering system. Make the switch to merino and experience the benefits on your next hunt. -100% 17.5 Micron Merino Wool

  • Minus 33 Midweight Neck Gaiter
    Merino wool is some of the most technically advanced wool on the market. This lightweight piece of fabric can be used for a variety of applications and is a must have on those later season colder hunts. From a headband to a bandana this is truly a versatile piece a clothing. We are field testing this piece in every condition possible from Brown Bear hunting on the peninsula to cross country skiing in the winter proving its capabilities.
  • Minus 33 Expedition Wool 1/4 Length Zip Tee
    The expedition weight 1/4 Zip Mock is a must have for our early and late season hunters. The extra weight of this piece adds to its versatility, on cold mornings its an extra thick base layer and during the early season it doubles as a mid layer. The option for 1/4 zip ventilation while hiking, but the added warmth and comfort of the expedition weight wool and full mock collar make this top a hunter favorite. This garment is significantly warmer than the mid weight 1/4 zip, and is highly recommended for any cold weather hunting. Merino wool performs significantly better than synthetics in a variety of conditions. Merino is more thermally efficient across a wider temperature range, odor resistant, and easy to maintain. These benefits, especially the thermal efficiency, are especially apparent in colder weather. Experience the benefits of merino wool, you will never go back. -100% 18.5 Micron Merino Wool

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