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  • Leica CRF 1600-B
    Without a doubt the most sophisticated and technologically advanced rangefinder on the market, the Leica CRF 1600-B is remarkable intuitive and easy to use. The traditional hand held design is complemented by a featherlight 8.1 ounces overall weight. While these features are important what is really impressive lies inside. Capable of accurate ranging to 1600 yards the CRF 1600-B combines incredible range with the most evolved ballistic calculation program, the Leica ABC Ballistic Program. This program can be customized to your specific needs so when the time comes you will be ready and armed with the correct data for a well placed shot. This powerful tool is also equipped with the world-famous Leica glass, giving you optical clarity when it really counts. Fully waterproof to 3 feet, including inside the battery compartment, the Leica CRF 1600-B can take beating and still give you a quick, accurate range readout. -7x24 mm configuration -8.1 ounces -3 customizable ballistic programs -Accurate readouts from 10-1600 yards
  • Leica Geovid 42 HD
    The Leica Geovid 42 HD combines the legendary performance of Leica HD glass with the latest technology in laser rangefinders. With a push of a button you can quickly range your next trophy at 8 or 10 times magnification. This magnification combined with the most accurate rangefinder in existence cuts out ranging errors and helps you make the best shot. Like all Leica HD glass the Geovid uses an Aqua Dura coating on all external surfaces. This water repellant coating pushes water to the edge of the lens upon contact. This coating protects your investment and makes cleaning a breeze. In addition to protection on the lenses the full magnesium body is protected with a shock-absorbing rubber coating and backed with lifetime warranty. Combine tools with the legendary performance of Leica optics. -5 year warranty -Waterproof to 5m -Fogproof
  • Leica Televid 65 HD with 20-50x Eyepiece
    The Leica Televid 65 HD is a top-class, compact spotting scope that is only 30 cm in length! This compact size reduces the weight, making this scope the lightest spotting scope in its class, but dont expect any reduction in performance. The 4 part fluorite lens system increases color fidelity and clarity all while in the protection of a waterproof, impact resistant magnesium body. The variable, wide angle 25-50x eyepiece is independently water and fog proof and utilizes the finest fluorite lenses. The Televid 65 HD lenses are coated with a water resistant Aqua Dura coating. This high performance coating disperses water immediately to the lens edges. This not only helps while glassing in the rain or fog, it also makes cleaning a breeze and further protects your investment. Expect the best with Leica. The Televid 65 HD is truly designed for hunters. The compact size fits easily in a pack, and the light weight helps you shave ounces in the mountains. Leica reduced the dimensions, but kept the uncompromising performance that has made Leica famous. -Limited lifetime warranty with 3-year Passport Protection Plan -Waterproof to 5m -Armored magnesium body
  • Leica Televid 82 HD with 20-50x Eyepiece
    The Leica Televid 82 HD provides legendary performance, brilliant clarity and rich color from dawn until dusk while you glass for your next trophy. This industry leading performance comes from an innovative 4 part lens system. This system utilizes the highest quality, German made fluorite lenses protected in an armored, water and fog proof, full magnesium body. This impact resistant spotting scope comes with an independently water and fog proof wide angle 25-50x eyepiece. The Televid 82 is another HD Leica product that uses the new Aqua Dura coating. This coating immediately disperses water to the edges of the lens which not only makes glassing in the rain and fog a breeze, it also speeds up cleaning and further protects your investment. Order by September 1st and receive a FREE fitted spotting scope cover, a $260.00 value! -Limited lifetime warranty with 3 year Passport Protection Plan -Waterproof to 5m -Armored magnesium body -Industry leading performance
  • Leica Trinovid 42
    Completely redesigned for the modern hunter the Leica Trinovid is back. These rugged and reliable binoculars are nearly indestructible yet uncompromising in performance. Multiple lens coatings such as the stratch-resistant HDC (highly durable coating) and the HLS HighLux system improve and protect the already superb glass. Dont sacrifice performance for durability, choose the most famous name in optics. The Trinovid 42 comes in two configurations: 8x42 and 10x42. 8x42 binoculars perform better in low light conditions, have a wider field of view and are the most versatile over changing conditions. If you are looking for a higher powered binocular for crisp, bright images at long range choose the 10x42. -Limited lifetime warranty plus 3 year Passport Protection Plan -See picture for specs
  • Leica Ultravid 42 HD
    The ultimate hunting binocular, few can compare with Leica Ultravid HD glass. These robust, ergonomic binoculars cradle glare resistant, fluorite lenses in an incredibly tough magnesium body. One of the most impressive features is the Aqua Dura coating. This water resistant coating immediately disperses water to the edges of the lenses. Not only does this make glassing in the rain a breeze, it also allows for easier cleaning and better lens protection. Another impressive feature of the Ultravid HD is the focus knob. Leica eliminated oil and water based lubricants for incredibly smooth focusing regardless of temperature extremes. These features and many others come together to create the finest HD binocular available to the modern hunter. The Ultravid is available in three configurations to best meet your needs. The 7x42 provides the widest field of view and the best low-light performance, but does not provide much magnification. The most popular configuration, the 8x42, gives a wide field of view and excellent low-light performance with a little more power. If you are looking for crisp, bright images at long range choose the most powerful Ultravid HD, the 10x42. -Limited lifetime warranty, with 3 year Passport Protection Plan
  • Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Bino Harness
    When you're focused on the hunt, key tools like binoculars shouldn't require a moment's thought to access or stash. Our new QUICK DRAW BINO HARNESS features a comfortable, close-fitting design that works in harmony with your pack. A 3-dimensional top flap, with a magnetic buckle closure, protects your Binos from the elements and closes securely when you're belly crawling. A detachable security strap provides insurance you don't drop your binos on the terra firma. 500D CORDURA® fabric Low profile straps fit under backpack harnessing Clamshell top flap for protection from the elements Zippered top access compartment for secure storage Magnetic buckle closure automatically engages to secure binos Detachable, secure strap protects from drops Side stretch woven pockets for wind checker, GPS, etc. MOLLE webbing on bottom to attach bear spray, gun holster, etc.
  • Sitka Bino Bivy
    When that big bull walks over the ridge you dont want to have to dig though your backpack to find your binos. The Sitka Bino Bivy keeps your binos accessible but still protected form the elements. Built with a durable double zipper, magnetic closures and 4 small pockets for calls or a spare havalon, the Bino Bivy is functional and comfortable no matter where you hunt. The lightweight mesh back provides support for even large binos and keeps your back cool on hot days. Throw on the Bino Bivy, protect your glass, and always be ready. -Internal dimensions: 4¾ X 7 X 2½ -12.7 ounces -DWR treated
  • Vortex Ranger 1000
    Every once in awhile something comes along that really excites the staff at Barneys. This time around it is the Vortex Ranger 1000 rangefinder. Its list of attributes is long, from crisp display with red LED readout, to its amazingly intuitive menu, and dont forget the beefy clip on the back that provides quick and quiet ranging on the go. These features are great, and the angle compensated distance reader may save your shot but nothing compares to perhaps the most important feature- the unconditional lifetime warranty. Currently the only electronic optic product on the market with a lifetime warranty this rangefinder has earned a spot on your gear list. Dont be the sucker without Vortex this season, order one today. -7.7 oz -Range reflective target: 11-1100 yds -Range deer: 11-500 yds -6x magnification with eyepiece focus -Nitrogen purged and waterproof

    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $379.99

  • Vortex Razor HD 42
    With a well earned reputation for pushing the limits of optics performance the Vortex Razors were built for the bad days. In gnarly weather and extreme terrain you can count on the Razor HD binos to deliver. Built with the highest quality, fully-coated HD glass and protected with a rubberized armor coating, these binos are built to last. In the off chance you manage to damage these bad boys they are covered under a true lifetime, transferrable warranty, so do your worst. Finely tuned with an uncompromising approach to performance you cant go wrong with the Razor HD. 24.2 ounces Argon purged= fog proof Waterproof Fully coated and protected from dirt, oil and scratched with ArmorTek Tripod mountable Ergonomic fit

    Regular Price: $1,279.00

    Special Price $1,179.00

  • Vortex Razor HD 65
    A staple of any sheep hunter the 65mm spotter should be compact, precise and light. The Vortex Razor HD is all of these things and more. Multi-layer lens coatings result in ultra-bright images, allowing you to see detail and color definition at distance. Protected from dirt, oil and water by a proprietary coating called ArmorTek the HD glass will perform in any conditions. Dual focus provides the sharpest images and the adjustable eyecups and sunshade keep the sun and rain out of your field of view. Covered by an unconditional, lifetime warranty you can count on the Razor HD on your next sheep hunt. -spotter case included -48 ounces -eyepiece included, 16-48x

    Regular Price: $1,599.00

    Special Price $1,199.00

  • Vortex Razor HD 85
    Big, powerful and dominant in low light conditions nothing comes close to the Razor HD 85. Multi coated lenses protected by proprietary ArmorTek bring your next trophy within reach while resisting oil, dirt and fingerprints. The lightweight magnesium body is protected by strategically placed rubber armor and the included 20x60 power eyepiece gives you the versatility to match any terrain. Looking for an edge? Hunt smarter with the Razor HD 85. -65.7 oz (eyepiece + body) -spotter case included

    Regular Price: $2,000.00

    Special Price $1,599.00

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