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  • Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 65L
    - Size Variation 35-120 L - Length 13 in / - Width 8 in/ - Height/Depth 28 in/ - Weight 2 lbs 4 oz/1010g
  • Seal Line Boundary Pack
    - Removable Suspension: Ideal for moderate loads or heavier ones on short hauls. - Reliable Protection: Dry Seal roll-top Closure ensures the best watertight seal possible. - Built Tough: 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl side with heavy duty 30 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom. - Extra Security: Side cinch straps add peace of mind and secure compression with big loads. MADE IN U.S.A. OF U.S. AND IMPORTED MATERIALS
  • Seal Line Pro Pack
    - Removable Suspension: Fully adjustable and deluxe enough to carry the heaviest loads. - Reliable Protection: Dry Seal roll-top Closure ensures the best watertight seal possible. - Built Tough: 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl side with heavy duty 30 oz. scrim-reinforced bathtub vinyl bottom - Extra Security: Side cinch straps add peace of mind and secure compression with big loads. MADE IN U.S.A. OF U.S. AND IMPORTED MATERIALS
  • Sitka Bino Bivy
    When that big bull walks over the ridge you dont want to have to dig though your backpack to find your binos. The Sitka Bino Bivy keeps your binos accessible but still protected form the elements. Built with a durable double zipper, magnetic closures and 4 small pockets for calls or a spare havalon, the Bino Bivy is functional and comfortable no matter where you hunt. The lightweight mesh back provides support for even large binos and keeps your back cool on hot days. Throw on the Bino Bivy, protect your glass, and always be ready. -Internal dimensions: 4¾ X 7 X 2½ -12.7 ounces -DWR treated
  • Sitka Gear Bivy 30
    Sitka Gear was developed to provide hunters with gear that makes sense. You wont find useless pockets or random zippers on Sitka packs. The Bivy 30 was designed to meet the needs of the lightweight, low profile hunter. 3200 cubic inches of space provides enough space for daily essentials or the lightweight overnighter. From a removable lid to reduce size to a built in glassing pad the Bivy 30 combines smart design with well-placed, useable features. Lean and mean the Bivy 30 is built for one purpose- to help you hunt harder and smarter. -Tension frame -Built in rain cover and hydration system -5.4 lbs
  • Sitka Gear Bivy 45
    The largest pack in the Sitka line the Bivy 45 was made to take on your longest trips. With 4500 cubic inches of storage and three access points (top, bottom and side) your can pack all your gear and still have access at a moments notice. The Bivy 45 features a removable bow/rifle carrying system along the side for comfortable carrying and easy access, and when you put down a trophy an adjustable, blaze orange gear shelf deploys from the bottom of the pack for easier load management. The pack lid is removable for fast and light days and there is even a padded spotting scope pocket to protect expensive glass. Loaded with features to make your job easier the Bivy 45 is a hunters dream. -7.6 pounds -Strategically placed compression straps for load management -Removable rifle/bow carrying system -DWR (water repellant) treated fabric -Rain fly included
  • Stone Glacier Accessory Pocket
    The Accessory Pocket is designed to fit range finders, cameras, or gps. The SG Accessory Pocket attaches via duel 1" Xcurve hip belt webbing or the 2" Krux hip belt webbing for added storage. Designed to be mounted on either side of the hip belt or pack compression straps, the Accessory Pocket has two zipper sliders that allow you to configure the zip from front to back, or back to front. The Accessory Pocket is built around a hard sheet of plastic, making the pocket functional with one hand. The Accessory pocket measures 5" wide, 6" tall, and 2" deep and weighs 2.72 ounces.
  • Stone Glacier Avail 2200
    The ultimate “utility” daypack, the Avail 2200 is built to carry any essential gear for backcountry adventure. The Avail 2200 is designed to be used either stand-alone with its own Avail suspension and internal frame, or remove the shoulder straps, hip belt, and frame to mount the Avail directly to the Krux frame for a load shelf capable heavy hauler. Using the same shoulder straps as the Krux frame, the Avail can be quickly swapped from full frame Krux mode to day pack stand-alone mode in the field. The Avail 2200 is equally at home with a load of hunting gear or technical climbing/ski gear. A full feature pack with 5 pockets, internal organization for spotting scope/probes/snow shovel, a side pocket for feet of a tripod, external compression panel for quick storage of layers, A-frame or cross carry for skis, ice tool attachment, and additional attachment points for Swing Out or Camp pocket accessories. Whether hunting, skiing, climbing, or everyday carry around town, the Avail 2200 is a versatile utility pack with endless capabilities.
  • Stone Glacier Camp Pocket
    Removable Camp Pockets are designed to hang from the interior hydration loops on all SG packs. Hang single or multiple pockets, they can be daisy chained together with the same attachment system. Once camp is set, they are quickly and easily detached from the pack bag to throw necessities in the tent. Organization for the pack AND camp. Constructed of semi-transparent nylon ripstop to help you locate items inside pockets. 322 cubic inches 1.8 oz
  • Stone Glacier Hydro Sleeve
    The Hydro Sleeve is the perfect solution for carrying water bladders inside your Stone Glacier pack. Large enough for any 3-liter bladder system, the Hydro Sleeve mounts on the sewn in 3/4" black trislide on the inside back-panel of all Stone Glacier bags. Hoses can be run through the right or left side of the Hydration Port at the top of all packs. Hydro Sleeves also work great for packing food, clothing, or other loose gear. Hydro Sleeve roughly measures 16"x8"x3" at 350 cubic inches. 1.7oz.
  • Stone Glacier Rain Cover
    The Stone Glacier Pack cover provides completed weather protection in wet climates. Using silicone impregnated 30D nylon and seamless construction, the Pack Cover provides 100% waterproof coverage for your pack. The cover will fit all packs from the Solo 3300 to the Sky 7400. Bottom shock cord attachments secure the cover to the frame, allowing quick access to the pack without the risk of the cover blowing away in nasty weather. Weighing a minimal 3.5 ounces including stuff pouch, the Pack Cover will provide added protection from the elements. 4.16oz.
  • Stone Glacier Sky Archer XFrame
    Stone glacier backpacks are a product of 15 years of solo sheep hunts from the Dall country of Alaska to the unlimited districts of Montana’s Beartooth wilderness. Minimizing pack and gear weight increases usable load, which in turn extends your range in the backcountry. My personal quest for a light weight load hauling pack began 15 years ago and has been a slow and organic process of development, testing, and refining. The goal has been straight forward: build the lightest, most durable load carrying backpack using only the toughest technical materials available. After hundreds of miles of load testing on the trail, years of research and design, this goal has been accomplished. Stone Glacier...redefining the capabilities of ultralight. The Sky Archer is two packs in one, a 6200 cubic inch high volume transporter for extended trips, and a 4000 cubic bivy/day-size pack for shorter low volume trips. The bag is convertible to 4000 cubic bivy mode using a unique top compression strap system with integrated storm flap. Top side seams and storm flap are sewn to create the natural folds for compression of excess fabric and complete weather protection when in 4000 Bivy mode. Designed with the back country archer in mind, the Sky Archer boasts a 25” panel style side zip allowing access to the main bag without having to remove the bow while strapped to the pack. Just inside the panel side zip are ¾” trislide buckles to attach Swing Out pockets and/or Camp Pockets for added organization. The center compression straps have added length and dual adjust male and female buckle for increased versatility when attaching a bow. The Sky Archer also has two side pockets, the left pocket on the panel zip side specifically for a tripod or arrow tube, the larger right side pocket for additional storage. 6200 cubic inches of volume and load shelf capable, this pack can deliver on everything from trips measured in weeks to those measured in hours. Belt Sizes: Small 28" or less Medium 29"-36" Large 36"