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  • Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 XFrame
    Stone glacier backpacks are a product of 15 years of solo sheep hunts from the Dall country of Alaska to the unlimited districts of Montana’s Beartooth wilderness. Minimizing pack and gear weight increases usable load, which in turn extends your range in the backcountry. My personal quest for a light weight load hauling pack began 15 years ago and has been a slow and organic process of development, testing, and refining. The goal has been straight forward: build the lightest, most durable load carrying backpack using only the toughest technical materials available. After hundreds of miles of load testing on the trail, years of research and design, this goal has been accomplished. Stone Glacier...redefining the capabilities of ultralight. Sky Talus 6900 The Sky Talus 6900 is a full feature pack designed to blend light weight with increased access and organization. A 6400 cubic main bag with 500 cubic lid, the Sky Talus has 4 external side pockets. The two large side pockets have full length, heavy duty #10 zippers with dual sliders for quick access to spotting scope and items needed quickly on the trail. Each side pocket is offset away from the frame to allow tripod or rifle carry without inhibiting pocket function or access. The lower external side pockets are open-top for carrying water bottle, tripod, or other gear on the side of the pack. The Sky Talus has 4 Swing Out pocket attachments just under the 33” full length main bag zipper. There are also attachment points for camp pockets on the back interior panel. The Sky Talus can be converted to a 4000 cubic inch day/bivy pack and is load shelf compatible to add another 2500 plus cubic inches for dense loads. From day hikes using minimal volume, to extended trips using 8000 cubic plus, the Sky Talus will deliver added organization and function while being easily convertible in the field to fit the pack volume needed that day. Belt Sizes: Small 28" or less Medium 29"-36" Large 36" plus
  • Stone Glacier Spotting Scope Pocket
    Built to fit both angled and straight eyepieces, the attachment system connects to the back of the pack via the compression straps and allows extremely quick access to your spotting scope. Can also be used for extra cubic inches, 18 inches tall, 375 cubic inches. Fits all SG bags except Approach (which already has a spotting scope pocket.) WT- .26 lbs. (4.1 oz.)
  • Stone Glacier Weapon Sling
    Designed to support the weight of your rifle, the Weapon Sling secures your rifle to the pack while still offering easy and fast access without taking the pack off. A unique design of quick release buckles and webbing, this system keeps the rifle barrel profile behind you out of your field of view and protected from brush. One pull on the upper strap tether and your rifle is free for extremely quick access. Fits all KRuX frame Stone Glacier packs and attaches to right side of pack, not compatible with Cirque 6200. (The Cirque 6200 has side pockets that can be used to carry the rifle using the side compression straps.)
  • Watershed Colorado
    - Rugged carrying handles - Several hard lash points - Multiple compression straps - Weight: 3 lb 2 oz - Capacity: 6400 CU. IN. (105 L) - Dimensions: 18"H x 31"L x 16"W - Opening Size: 28" - Closure Type: ZipDry
  • Watershed Mississippi
    - Rugged carrying handles - Several hard lash points - Multiple compression straps - Weight: 3 lb 14 oz - Capacity: 8400 CU. IN. (138 L) - Dimensions: 18"H x 43"L x 16"W - Opening Size: 40" - Closure Type: ZipDry
  • Watershed Torpedo Gun Case
    -Fits scoped rifles -1 pound 13 ounces -54 inches in length, 14 to 8.5 inches in width (tapers) -11 inch opening -Available in Olive -Made in the USA
  • Watershed Westwater
    - Removable, padded shoulder straps and waist belt - Durable top lug handle - Weight: 3 lb 1 oz - Capacity: 4900 CU. IN. (80 L) - Dimensions: 32"H x 24"L x 11"W - Opening Size: 22" - Closure Type: ZipDry
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