Outdoor Edge Griz Saw


The Griz-Saw’s triple-ground diamond cut blade easily penetrates tough game bone and tree limbs. The T-shaped handle allows straight wrist cutting from any angle and enables a secure lock-on grip, even when wet. The Griz-Saw comes complete with a quick-release Zytel sheath with swivel-clip attachment.

-8 inch blade
-11 1/4 inch overall length
-Zytel synthetic sheath

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The big brother to the Outdoor Edge Flip ‘n Saw the Griz saw was built bigger and tougher for those bigger jobs. Cutting through a moose pelvis or clearing a shooting path for your blind? The Griz saw can handle just anything under an 8 inch diameter. A rubberized, ergonomic T-handle minimizes fatigue while the triple diamond ground teeth go to work on whatever surface you choose. For jobs great and small you can always count on the Griz saw.

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Weight 1 oz