• The Leica Televid 65 HD is a top-class, compact spotting scope that is only 30 cm in length! This compact size reduces the weight, making this scope the lightest spotting scope in its class, but dont expect any reduction in performance. The 4 part fluorite lens system increases color fidelity and clarity all while in the protection of a waterproof, impact resistant magnesium body. The variable, wide angle 25-50x eyepiece is independently water and fog proof and utilizes the finest fluorite lenses. The Televid 65 HD lenses are coated with a water resistant Aqua Dura coating. This high performance coating disperses water immediately to the lens edges. This not only helps while glassing in the rain or fog, it also makes cleaning a breeze and further protects your investment. Expect the best with Leica. The Televid 65 HD is truly designed for hunters. The compact size fits easily in a pack, and the light weight helps you shave ounces in the mountains. Leica reduced the dimensions, but kept the uncompromising performance that has made Leica famous. -Limited lifetime warranty with 3-year Passport Protection Plan -Waterproof to 5m -Armored magnesium body
  • The Leica Televid 82 HD provides legendary performance, brilliant clarity and rich color from dawn until dusk while you glass for your next trophy. This industry leading performance comes from an innovative 4 part lens system. This system utilizes the highest quality, German made fluorite lenses protected in an armored, water and fog proof, full magnesium body. This impact resistant spotting scope comes with an independently water and fog proof wide angle 25-50x eyepiece. The Televid 82 is another HD Leica product that uses the new Aqua Dura coating. This coating immediately disperses water to the edges of the lens which not only makes glassing in the rain and fog a breeze, it also speeds up cleaning and further protects your investment. Order by September 1st and receive a FREE fitted spotting scope cover, a $260.00 value! -Limited lifetime warranty with 3 year Passport Protection Plan -Waterproof to 5m -Armored magnesium body -Industry leading performance


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