Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Pole


The Black Diamond Carbon Whippet lends a new level of packability.

– 18 mm (.71 in) aluminum upper, 16 mm (.63 in) carbon fiber mid and 14 mm (.55 in) carbon fiber lower

– Stainless steel pick with canard wing built into a dual-density touring grip

– 100 mm (4 in) Powder Basket

– Dual FlickLock Pro adjustability and security

– Compacts down to 68 cm (26.75 in)

– Sold individually

– Collasped length: 39 inches

– Weight: 15 oz

*Sold individually

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It is common knowledge that walking poles are a great way to protect the knees and back when hiking. Weight can be transferred through the arms to the poles which offloads and shifts the center of mass away from tired joints. Walking poles are especially useful when hiking downhill with a heavy pack. The Black Diamond Whippet is a well constructed hiking pole, plus it features a miniature ice axe head in the handle. This pole was originally designed for backcountry skiers on steep descents, but we have found the Whippet to be equally as useful in sheep country. Whether it comes in handy stopping a slide after a fall or gives you that extra reach when climbing a cliff during a stalk the Whippet will always have your back.

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Weight 1 oz