Gitzo Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod with Fluid Pan Head


Long prized by photographers, birders and hunters alike Gitzo tripods stand head and shoulders above the rest. The superior materials and construction result in products that people can count on for stability and mobility in the field. When you are crouched on a mountain side, your spotter cranked to 60x, trying to spot a Dall sheep in a snow field you will fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each Gitzo tripod.
The Mountaineer utilizes carbon fiber legs which adds rigidity to the frame without adding weight. This results in a 52 inch extended height at only 2.4 pounds. Metal joints ensure a long life of use and contribute to the stout 17.6 lbs load capacity. We paired the Mountaineer with the Gitzo Fluid pan head to maximize stability, ease of use and a low profile design. There is nothing more frustrating that a poorly constructed pan head that skips over the landscape, something you will not experience with a Gitzo Fluid head.

Total weight: 2.36 (tripod) + 1.26 (head) = 3.62 lbs
See pictures for full specs on tripod and head

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