Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet



Gransfors Bruks has been hand forging wood working tools for over 110 years. Their craftsmen’s ability to transform a lump of steel into a functional tool is unparalleled, and the quality of their work in unmatched. The Wildlife Hatchet is your go to outdoor tool for small jobs around camp. Need some kindling? Clearing out a shooting lane? The Wildlife Hachet’s 1 lb head and 13.5 inch hickory handle will handle these jobs with ease. Sharp and hand forged this isn’t the hatchet you received on your 10th birthday, so discover what sets Gransfors Bruks apart on your next adventure.

-3″ face
-1 lb head

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A small, light axe wich can be easily carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside your pack or on your belt. Even with a small axe you can manage a lot: cut branches in the back-yard or chop and split sticks for a camp fire. This little hatchet awakes in many of us memories and dreams of exciting camps and adventures. The hatchet has a 3″ face and a 13 1/2 ” hickory handle and the head weighs 1 lb.
It comes with a grain-leather sheath.

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Weight 2 oz