Hilleberg Akto

It’s an ideal choice any time you need the lightest weight, all season solo tent, and while it was not designed for extreme use, it has proven itself on extended polar expeditions, and so will stand up well to all conditions. Hikers, climbers, bicycle tourers and sea kayakers alike have embraced its lightweight roominess, and today it is being used in every clime, all over the world. Long distance backpackers especially appreciate having a sturdy, comfortable room of their own at the end of a long day on the trail. Trekkers find it excellent lightweight accommodation insurance for when traditional lodging in far flung places is overcrowded, overpriced, or unavailable. And tall users find it one of the few solo tents available that has enough room.

– Weight: 3 pound 8 oz

– Inner Height: 36 inches

– Inner Tent Area: 18.3 ft squared

– Vestibule Area: 8.6 ft squared


The Akto is ideal any time you need the lightest weight, all condition solo tent. It is especially good for long trips of any kind, in any season, where light weight is a very high priority. While it was not designed for extreme use in exposed and/or above tree line terrain, the Akto has proven again and again in the worst conditions, and so will stand up well to anything nature can throw at it. This is, in part, because of the Akto’s roomy configuration – it will easily accommodate you and your gear – and because of its remarkably strong Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric. Its single pole tunnel tent construction, very light (yet very strong) Kerlon 1200 and 9 mm pole make it best suited for mobile trips, where you move your camp every day. When properly pitched the Akto has been known to withstand winds over 80 mph, not to mention rain and snow loads. We have outfitted countless sheep and goat hunters with the Akto with great feedback. At just over 3 lbs, it is a perfect solution to leaving the Bivy at home and taking a 1 man tent that gives you both the vestibule space, but head room to sit up and read as well.

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Weight 312 oz

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