Kifaru Gnargali (Bag Only) 5000




Smaller brother to the Dall, the Gnargali is meant to cut weight wherever possible. 500d Ranger Green / VX21S Xpac construction puts technical fabrics and abrasion resistance in key places on the bag. At 2.78lbs (1.26kg), this bag keeps things simple and quick. Front .75” straps, front .75” reinforced upper handle and bottom sleeve will keep your weapon or tripod in place and locked in. 3 Belt pouch matrixes (2 front, 1 on the lid) will help with organization and keeping the quick access items at hand. This is a strictly top loading bag, no zipper access to the main compartment. The bottom is double lined and there is a load shelf on the back of the bag. Stretchy side pockets will easily accommodate Nalgenes with nesting cups, cook kits or fly rod tubes. The top three straps are removable / repositionable for adjusting awkward and hard-earned loads on top of your bag. Dual hydro ports and a internal bladder pocket along the back panel will work with any bladder and hose combo including the big bite valves.

Gnargali Specs:

Fabric: 500d / Xpac
Shipped Weight: 2.8 lbs /  1.28 kg with chamber pocket
Stripped Weight: 2.2 lbs / .99 kg without chamber pocket
Total Volume: 5,090ci / 83 Liters
Volume Using Snow Collar As Lid(Folded Over): 4,420 ci / 72.43 Liters
*Bag only, frame required for complete pack

Exterior Features:
– Belt Pouch matrix allows you to add up to three additional pockets
– Repositionable compression straps
– two large capacity bottle pockets
– Built in load shelf

Interior Features:
– Built in bladder pocket
– Dual hydro ports

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