Leica CRF 1600-B


Without a doubt the most sophisticated and technologically advanced rangefinder on the market, the Leica CRF 1600-B is remarkable intuitive and easy to use. The traditional hand held design is complemented by a featherlight 8.1 ounces overall weight. While these features are important what is really impressive lies inside. Capable of accurate ranging to 1600 yards the CRF 1600-B combines incredible range with the most evolved ballistic calculation program, the Leica ABC Ballistic Program. This program can be customized to your specific needs so when the time comes you will be ready and armed with the correct data for a well placed shot.
This powerful tool is also equipped with the world-famous Leica glass, giving you optical clarity when it really counts. Fully waterproof to 3 feet, including inside the battery compartment, the Leica CRF 1600-B can take beating and still give you a quick, accurate range readout.

-7×24 mm configuration
-8.1 ounces
-3 customizable ballistic programs
-Accurate readouts from 10-1600 yards

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