McNett Revivex Boot Maintenance Kit


You spent a lot of time trying on boots, looking for that perfect fit for your next hunt. You know you will spend a lot of time in those boots and count on them to perform day after day no matter the weather. Boots take a beating on any hunt, so give your boots a little TLC with this maintenance kit and prolong their life. The kit includes leather waterproofing gel, boot cleaner, specialized gel applicator and boot brush. Take care of your boots and they will take care of you.

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Dry feet are essential to a great outdoor experience. So, before you head for the lake, the hills or the campsite, treat your leather boots to Gear Aid’s ReviveX® Leather Boot Care Kit.

Specially designed for full-grain leather care, the ReviveX Leather Boot Care Kit makes it easy to waterproof new boots, as well as restore older boots to like-new condition. The formula in ReviveX Leather Gel Water Repellent soaks into leather, for a deeply penetrating, high-tech solution to rain, puddles and mud. It won’t affect breathability, so it’s great for GORE-TEX® footwear.

– Leather boot care kit for cleaning and waterproofing leather boots and footwear

– High performance water repellent penetrates deeply into leather footwear

– Gives leather footwear a rich, outdoor look

– Safe for waterproof-breathable footwear

– Includes: ReviveX® Leather Gel Water Repellent, ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate, specialized boot brush, textured applicator cloth

– Made in USA

-Primarily focused on leather boot care

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Weight 1 oz