Mountain Medic Apex Medical Kit


The APEX is Our ultralight personal kit weighing in at just under a pound still packs a punch with everything you need to keep you going even when injury or illness strikes.  It includes the requisite bandages and dressings, but also eye, dental, and blister care kits, skin stapler and surgical adhesive, hemostatic agent, optional basic prescription meds and much more – all in a water resistant zip pouch.
Weight> 1 pound


Introducing the newest addition to the selection here at Barney’s. I have always steered away from carrying medical kits, as I’ve just never seen one that really had the wow factor and fit in with who we are here at Barney’s. As I’ve always said if you are going to do something, do it right. Mountain Medic is the real deal. For those that are not familiar with Mountain Medic, Brian is an Orthopedic Surgeon, former US Active Duty Navy surgeon and a Mountain Hunter With over 20 years in both medicine and wilderness travel. He developed these kits after extensive trips around the globe and used his contacts and knowledge in the medical industry to create the absolute best medical kits for your outdoor adventures. These kits have contents that you just simply can’t find easily on the open market, and take the medical kit game to the next level.
Whether your a guide in need of a legit Basecamp kit for your clients, or an avid sheep hunter that’s looking to keep it light, but realizes the blister kit and duct tape likely isn’t sufficient, Mountain Medic should definitely be on your radar for this upcoming season!


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