MSR XGK Extreme Stove


For over 30 years, MSR’s XGK has been the world’s most reliable extreme-condition stove, trusted by mountaineers everywhere. The new XGK EX builds on that legacy. Like its predecessor, the EX boasts unrivaled performance, dependably burning a greater variety of liquid fuels than any stove on the market. It also features a new flexible fuel line that allows it to pack smaller than ever, as well as retractable legs and pot supports for superior stability-no matter where your next expedition takes you.
Liquid fuel stoves are the best choice in cold weather, and with the variety of fuel choices the XGK is the best choice for late season hunts or winter camping.

Weight: 17 oz
Boil Time: 3.5 minutes*

*Boil time with white gas, Kerosene is more efficient.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz