The pulk is a work horse for human powered travel. From nordic skiing to slogging through tundra the pulk can be counted on to ease the process of moving gear from point A to B. The Northern Sled Works Siglin pulk is a tough and light weight example of supreme craftsmanship. The Siglin is constructed of a Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW) that allows the Siglin to glide over grass, snow, ice and rock with ease. Multiple hinges in the material allow the user to alter the angle at which the pulk interacts with the ground, allowing for easier use in deep snow or uneven terrain. Integrated runners keep the Siglin on track, and optional attachment bars (if you want something more sturdy that a rope to pull the pulk with) are available. Whether you are pulling your child behind while skiing or pulling a moose through a swamp the Siglin pulk will be up for the task.

Available in three lengths: see pics for specifications from the manufacturers website
Made in Fairbanks, AK