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Pristine Ventures TAG Game Bags


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Technologically Advanced Game bags, or TAG bags, are your first line of defense against meat spoilage in the field. The synthetic fabric balances breathability with durability and overall fabric strength. This synthetic fabric (Game Vent) is specially woven and dyed to maximize airflow and minimize waste, resulting in a nylon game bag that breaths better than any other game bag on the market. Versatile, tough and extremely breathable these game bags excel in all conditions. TAG bags are available in the following configurations:

The Bomb pack- designed for lightweight mountain hunters who plan on boning out meat before returning to camp. The bomb pack comes with 4 14″x34″ bags and 2 14″x20″ bags. 10 ounces.

Pro Pack, Caribou- Perfect for deer, antelope, and caribou this pack has 5 24″x44″ bags. 18 ounces.

Pro Pack, Moose- Sized for moose, elk, muskox etc. 6 bags sized 28″ x60″ 33 ounces

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