Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Sleeping Pad


– Exkin Platinum® fabric and Thermolite® insulation are combined to prevent radiant and convective heat loss

– Available in tapered and rectangular shapes

– Thickness: 2.5 in / 6.3 cm

– Dual layer design ensures a level of built-in redundancy; if you do end up with a puncture in one layer of the mattress, the other layer remains fully functional

– Multi-function valve for easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning of air pressure

– 40D rip-stop nylon face fabric offers the right balance between weight and durability

– Our TPU lamination process – one used in the medical and aeronautical industries but unique to the outdoor industry – is vastly superior to the roll-to-roll lamination process that is commonly used in outdoor products at present. The TPU bonds better and more consistently, virtually eliminating delamination issues

– Comes with a quality stuff sack, a repair kit containing six self adhesive patches for repairing punctures in the field, and a spare silicone one-way valve flap

– Our Comfort Plus Insulated mats should be used right side up. A Sea to Summit logo and size graphic are printed on the side of the mat that should be up when in use

– Extended storage instructions: mat should be laid flat, folded as few times as possible with valves open

R Value: 5

72″ x 21.5″
25 ounces


79″ x 25″
31.5 ounces

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A quality sleeping pad should do two things- protect you from the ground and keep warm air from escaping into the ground. The new Sea to Summit Comfort Plus sleeping pad does both of those things exceptionally well. Using a new dual layer technology the Comfort Plus cushions your body with nearly 550 air cells that act to both disperse body weight over a large area and insulate against the cold ground. The Comfort Plus uses dual layer construction which can be controlled independently with vents for the perfect balance of support and comfort.The result is a remarkably comfortable, warm sleeping pad that wont weigh you down on long hunts in the alpine. The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus- because you can haul your Sleep Number mattress up the mountain.

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