Sea to Summit UltraLight Insulated Sleeping Pad


Sleeping pads serve two purposes- to protect you from the hardness of the ground and to keep warm air from your sleeping bag from disappearing into the cold earth. The Sea to Summit Ultralight does both of these remarkably well thanks to a new design that uses over 180 individual air cells to cushion and insulate your body. Featuring a easy to control one-way air value, a solid R value of 3.3 and integrated insulation that both traps warm air and reflects radiant heat back to the user. So comfortable you will think you are back on your Sleep Number mattress- the Sea to Summit UltraLight Insulated sleeping pad.

R value- 3.3
72″ x 21.5″
15.5 ounces

78″ x 25″
19 ounces

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Sea to Summit’s Lightest insulated sleeping pad with Air Sprung Cell Technology

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Weight 1 oz