Sirui 5 Section LW Tripod


As many of us have, we spent years searching for the perfect tripod. We’ve gone through dozens of brands, field tests, and broken hopes that there was a lightweight tripod out there that offered the ability to stabilize a spotting scope and be functional in the field. We are happy to introduce to our selection the Sirui brand of tripods. They offer a carbon fiber design, with a functional machined aluminum ball head that is unmatched. You can also add your head of choice.

The T025 is a 5 section, compact tripod. With the ability to remove the center column of the stem, you can get this tripod down to exactly 2 lbs. The ball head is stable enough to hold even the biggest of spotting scopes, and still be functional. With its compact design, and reasonable price, this tripod has proven to be one of our best sellers.