Sitka Gear Bivy 30


Sitka Gear was developed to provide hunters with gear that makes sense. You wont find useless pockets or random zippers on Sitka packs. The Bivy 30 was designed to meet the needs of the lightweight, low profile hunter. 3200 cubic inches of space provides enough space for daily essentials or the lightweight overnighter. From a removable lid to reduce size to a built in glassing pad the Bivy 30 combines smart design with well-placed, useable features. Lean and mean the Bivy 30 is built for one purpose- to help you hunt harder and smarter.
-Tension frame
-Built in rain cover and hydration system
-5.4 lbs

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  • 5.80 lbs.


  • 3,000 Cubic Inches
  • Rain Fly Included


  • DWR Finish

Additional information

Weight 5.5 oz


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