Thermarest Z-Lite


– Advanced Warmth: ThermaCapture™ surface reflects radiant heat back to your body, amplifying the warmth of the heat-trapping dimples by 20% (Z Lite SOL™ only; for best results, use reflective side-up.).

– Compact Design: Folding design is compact and easy to pack.

– Extra Durable: Virtually indestructible closed-cell foam provides lasting, economical comfort.

-R value 2.2
-72 inches x 20 inches
-14 ounces

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Universally recognized the popular Thermarest Z-Lite has a cult following for a reason. Lightweight, foldable and virtually indestructible the Z-Lite has been a staple for hunters and campers world wide. Constructed with heat capturing dimples and closed cell foam the Z-Lite is an excellent choice for warmer weather activities. The Z-Lite can also serve in a layering system when used with an air mattress in snow or cold weather for maximum comfort. The Z-Lite can also be trimmed to custom lengths or widths for even lighter performance.

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Weight 2 oz