Valandre Bloody Mary

Valandre Bloody Mary


– EN Limit of Comfort: 20F

– EN Extreme: -10F

– Weight: 2lb 5oz*

*Weight with warmest draft collar

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Valandre has a reputation for excellence in the world of down products. Valandre only uses the highest quality raw materials for their sleeping bags. The down used comes from hand picked, free range Bar-Headed geese. These geese are equipped to survive the harshest conditions during their annual migration over the Himalayas. The Bloody Mary is a clear example of the craftsmanship of the tailors at Valandre. One of the most innovative features of the Bloody Mary is the interchangeable draft collar system. Two different weights of draft collars can be zipped into place to compensate for cooler or warmer weather. This versatility allows you to comfortably use the bag across a wider temperature range. Each Bloody Mary has 83 separately cut panels, expertly tailored to trap the maximum amount of heat. Its details such as these that put the Valandre sleeping bags ahead of the pack. The Bloody Mary is much more than a sack of down, it is a versatile, technologically superior piece of gear you can count on for your next hunt.

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Weight 3 oz



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