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For the people who are not familiar with my store I would like to introduce myself.My name is Bob Hodson and I am the owner of Barneys Sports Chalet in Anchorage, Alaska and I am a life-long Alaskan. Barneys has been in business since 1963 and we operate out of a single store location. I have been at the store since 1975 and have owned Barneys since 1985.I guided in Russia for 14 years and have relied on my outdoor equipment to get me home safe from some of the harshest and remote areas in the world. My passion for the outdoors is reflected in my business philosophy of carrying only the very best in hand selected outdoor gear.

Barneys works with the finest suppliers in the world. If we can’t find what we need we build it. With this business model we will save you time and money. We will put you in the gear you need for your trip. The gear we will supply to you has been thoroughly tested for durability and reliability. If it passes our strict testing then it is placed in our product selection. I often frustrate suppliers by rejecting equipment or by not selling their “total” system. We have found that no single supplier has everything a person needs. That is why you will find a wide variety of brands in my store.

By being selective and wishing to supply the very best equipment to you I am faced with many challenges. I encourage you to plan well in advance of your hunt so we can do our best to make sure that you have your gear in time for your trip. With the challenging worldwide economic situation manufacturers are not bringing in much back stock of products. Suppliers manufacturing delays and the limited availability of higher end gear often frustrate us. Another issue we face is that suppliers bring in spring warm weather gear in February and then the fall gear in August/September. This puts delivery right in the heart of hunting season. This presents another challenge – we have to try and forecast a year in advance and bring in our gear in April and then try to push deliveries up in the fall … I have very little control of this.

I am committed to providing you with the best equipment and service possible and feel it is important for you to understand our challenges. We will do our very best to fill your order as soon as we can but ask you to also give us as much as time as possible to do this.

We encourage you to use this website for a reference point and to please call us so we can make sure that you are buying what is proper for your trip. We will tell you if the gear you have will work and help you with the selection of gear that you may need.I do not want to become a click and ship company. I don’t want you to have to page through large catalogs or deal with phone operators that have not even been out of the city they live in let alone to Alaska or beyond. I have resisted launching the website because I do not want to lose control of the personalized service that I have built Barneys reputation on. Please call us !

Good Hunting!

Bob Hodson, Owner

Barney’s Sports Chalet
906 West Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage,Ak 99503