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  • Heavily endorsed by some of the best mountain guides in Alaska the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter is a lightweight option for your spike camp. The single wall, floorless design means the Mega Light is versatile and lightweight, and the single pole design keeps a solid wind profile. The floorless design makes cleaning up a cinch, and allows for easy use in all seasons. The Mega Light is a great option for any lightweight hunter as a shelter, but can also be used as a kitchen tent at bear camp or an emergency shelter in the Cessna. Pack light but pack smart, and bring the Black Diamond Mega Light shelter. See pictures for full specs
  • Hilleberg Akto -183
    It’s an ideal choice any time you need the lightest weight, all season solo tent, and while it was not designed for extreme use, it has proven itself on extended polar expeditions, and so will stand up well to all conditions. Hikers, climbers, bicycle tourers and sea kayakers alike have embraced its lightweight roominess, and today it is being used in every clime, all over the world. Long distance backpackers especially appreciate having a sturdy, comfortable room of their own at the end of a long day on the trail. Trekkers find it excellent lightweight accommodation insurance for when traditional lodging in far flung places is overcrowded, overpriced, or unavailable. And tall users find it one of the few solo tents available that has enough room. - Weight: 3 pound 8 oz - Inner Height: 36 inches - Inner Tent Area: 18.3 ft squared - Vestibule Area: 8.6 ft squared
  • Hilleberg Allak-279
    - A fully free standing 2 person all season tent with integrated vestibules that is also remarkably lightweight. - Two doors and two entrances provide versatility and convenience. *See full specs and design layout in pictures. - Weight: 6 pounds 13 ounces - Inner tent height: 42 inches - Inner tent area: 32.3 ft squared - Vestibule area: 19.4 ft squared
  • Hilleberg Anjan-1348

    Hilleberg Anjan

    The Hilleberg Anjan represents a new generation of Hilleberg. Hilleberg has built an outstanding reputation over the past years for building tents like no one else. Hilleberg tents are known for being absolutely rock solid in any weather without weighing down your pack. Used all over the world from polar expeditions to hunts in the Alaska Range Hilleberg has time and time again proven they are in a different class. Enter the Anjan: lightweight and compact the Anjan was built for fairer weather. When you dont have to worry about 100 mph winds tearing your tent from the ground the Anjan should be your go-to. At 3.5 pounds and a generous 30 square feet (Anjan 2) this tent lives up to the Hilleberg reputation. During rigorous testing the Anjan proved its worth and earned a place on the Barneys Staff favorite list. If you have an early season hunt coming up this year look no further than the Hilleberg Anjan. *Available in extended vestibule (GT) configurations, see pictures for specs.
  • Hilleberg Enan-1651
    Built with the same design as the wildly popular and tougher than nails Hilleberg Akto the Enan has years of hard use in the mountains in its DNA. Built for solo hunters looking for maximum protection at minimum weight the Enan boasts comfortable living space and enough vestibule for your pack and boots. Unlike the Akto the Enan has a full mesh liner, lighter weight fabric and smaller diameter poles- all factors that drop nearly a pound from the minimum weight of the Akto. These lighter components make the Enan the ideal tent for scouting and early season alpine hunts. Looking to drop weight? Look no further than the Hilleberg Enan. -1 lb 15 oz minimum weight -2 lb 7 oz packed weight -Kerlon 1000 fabric
  • Hilleberg Jannu-190
    - A very lightweight approach tent that will stand up to the toughest conditions. - The single entrance and vestibule keep the weight low while still providing full access and ample storage space. - Weight: 6 pounds 6 oz - Inner Height: 40 inches - Inner Tent Area: 36.6 ft squared - Vestibule Area: 13 ft squared
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    Hilleberg Nallo

    The Nallo and Nallo GT’s salient characteristic may be their ultra light weight, but both are still fully able to handle all season, all weather adventures. This explains why these tents are the first choice of those needing the lightest weight tents that still offer all-season, all weather functionality. This includes wilderness photographers, professional climbers, hunters, and other adventurers who have to carry large amounts of gear, as well as long distance hikers, who want to get more out of carrying less. Globe-trotting trekkers often carry the Nallo, as it ensures they will have private accommodations wherever they go, and solo hikers love having near-palatial space without any real weight penalty. Families with younger children and those who hike with their dogs love the extra space – and, of course, the ultra light weight – the Nallo GT has to offer. Nallo 2 Weight: 5 pounds 1 oz Inner Tent Area: 30 ft sq Total Vestibule Area:14 ft sq Nallo 2 GT Weight: 5 pounds 15 oz Inner Tent Area: 30 ft sq Total Vestibule Area: 23.7 ft sq Nallo 3 Weight: 5 pounds 5 oz Inner Tent Area: 36.6 ft sq Total Vestibule Area: 15 ft sq Nallo 3 GT Weight: 6 pounds 6 oz Inner Tent Area: 36.6 ft sq Total Vestibule Area: 29.1 ft sq Nallo 4 Weight: 6 pounds 6 oz Inner Tent Area: 46.2 ft sq Total Vestibule Area: 19.4 ft sq Nallo 4 GT Weight: 7 pounds 8 oz Inner Tent Area: 46.3 ft sq Total Vestibule Area: 34.4 ft sq
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    Hilleberg has a long history of making tents that can withstand the most punishing weather. Polar explorers, mountaineers bagging peaks and hunters all over the world utilize Hilleberg tents because of their unquestionable durability. Hilleberg recently introduced a new line a tents including the Rogen. These new three season tents were designed for fast and light trips into the backcountry but built with the same integrity and attention to detail adventurers all over the world know and trust. With dual vestibules and plenty of floor space for 2 the Rogen weighs less than some solo tents, yet leaves ample room for packs and gear. Easy to pitch and take down the Rogen is ideal for trips where your camp moves every day and with the semi-free standing design you dont have to worry about finding the perfect camp site. The 3/4 vestibule and full bathtub floor save weight while allowing air to flow up and over the tent to control annoying condensation. Save weight without sacrificing durability and comfort, its easy with the Rogen. See pictures for specs.
  • Hilleberg Tarra-658
    - An exceptionally strong, very roomy 2 person tent, built for the harshest conditions. - Two doors and two entrances provide versatility and convenience. *See pics for full specs - Weight: 9 pounds - Inner Tent Area: 30 ft sq - Total Vestibule Area: 28 ft sq
  • Hilleberg Kaitum-497


    - A marvelously spacious 2 person tent, offering superb comfort in a lightweight package. - Two doors and two entrances provide versatility and convenience. - The Kaitum comes in 2 and 3 person models, both with the standard and extended vestibule. Check out the pictures for the full specs.
  • Made for lightweight performance in all of your outdoor pursuits the Hubba Hubba NX is built for two at the weight of a solo tent. With plenty of vestibule space for gear and a roomy interior that features near vertical walls which making the inside feel even more spacious the Hubba Hubba doesnt compromise comfort in the pursuit of performance. The tent can be pitched using only the fly and ground sheet, eliminating weight for bug free days. Whether you are hunting sheep in the high alpine or just out for the weekend the Hubba Hubba NX has you covered! See picture for full specs
  • The latest design of one of the lightest freestanding tents from the makers of the finest outdoor gear the Hubba NX is now lighter, stronger and more versatile. The three season configuration makes the Hubba NX an ideal choice for early season hunts, general lightweight camping and scouting prior to your big hunt. With plenty of room for one hunter and their gear the Hubba NX can handle wind and rain, all while requiring minimal external support due to it's freestanding design. The Hubba NX can also be pitched using only the fly and the ground sheet, eliminating extra weight for those good weather days. Wether you are chasing Dall or just heading out for a weekend in the woods the Hubba NX has you covered. See pictures for full specs