Catamount Gen 2 Binocular Pack



Tension closing, hardware and magnet free lid design eliminates magnet slap and compass/digital mapping interference.

Forward folding, top access lid design

Full containment lid for superior optics protection

Single zip full depth front zipper pocket

Dual open top stretch pockets are the perfect spot for a hinge release, wind indicator, diaphragm reed calls, etc.

The back, sides and bottom are constructed of a proprietary 500d/500d laminate

Laser Cut MOLLE/PALS Matrix on the back, bottom and sides

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The Catamount Outdoor Gear Gen 2 binocular chest pack is purpose built to provide the most comfortable carry and best protection money can buy. Glass is expensive, good glass is really expensive. It is also one of the most important pieces of gear we carry. We spent 2 and a half years creating the Gen 1, and after sending that out to the world, and taking the all of the tester and customer feedback to heart, we spent another full year making revisions and prototype testing the Gen 2 in the widest range of, and harshest conditions we could subject it to. We have rebuilt a rig from the ground up, while maintaining the idea that this is the cornerstone of a larger system, that not only protects your hard earned investment from all of the elements, but remains sleek and comfortable to wear day in and day out. Built to last and designed with maximizing modular customization for each individual, the Gen 2 features an upgraded, but still hardware and magnet free, forward folding, top lid access system. The pack features a full depth zip access front pocket, as well as dual open top stretch pockets for keeping calls, wind indicator, or other small items easily accessible. Both of the sides, the bottom and the back of the case are built with a proprietary laser cut Cordura laminate, to provide ample mounting locations for our accessories and seemingly endless configuration options including the option to be mounted to a MOLLE panel in your truck or on you pack, instead of on your chest. Fully MOLLE compatibility allow you to use any standard MOLLE accessories with the pack.

Accessory pockets available.

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