Exo Mtn Gear K4 DRY BAG


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100% Waterproof Protection. Period.

Our pack systems are very water-resistant, but when you need 100% waterproof protection for extreme conditions, our K4 Dry Bag liners will ensure that you can forget the elements and hunt without worry.

K4 Dry Bags are sized to match each K4 Pack and offer true integration that allows you to fill the entire interior volume of the pack, or contain just a portion of the pack’s contents that you want to be protected inside the dry bag, while still having access to gear stored outside the dry bag through the side zippers and external pockets.

Compared to external rain covers, our K4 Dry Bag is more durable, more versatile, and creates 100% sealed system. The Dry Bags feature a roll-top closure system and can be used as a stand-alone dry bag when needed.

Dry Bag Weight

K4 3600

6.3 oz

K4 5000

7.7 oz

K4 7200

10 oz

Made in the USA

Built in the USA with 70D TPU Laminated Ripstop and custom roll-top hardware.

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3600, 5000, 7200