Frontier Gear of Alaska Bob Frame


The Bob Frame is only compatible with the Hunter Bag.

If you are 5′ 6″ or shorter the Bob Frame will fit you best and offer the best performance.

Frame Weight:

  • 3 lbs 15 oz

Hip Belt Size:

  • Small- 32″ and under
  • Regular- 32″ and over

What’s Included:

  • Frontier Gear of Alaska Bob Frame With desired belt size
  • Meat Shelf
  • Top Bar


Over the years Bob has researched the lightest and strongest weight materials on the planet to construct his packs to stand up against Alaska’s rugged backcountry. Bob designed the Bob Frame for smaller hunters who are still looking for the comfort and performance of a Frontier Gear of Alaska pack. By removing six inches from the Freighter Frame Bob passed on the legendary performance of the Freighter Frame to those with shorter torsos.

When building the Bob frames we use our custom shoulder suspensions system made of a three layer memory foam for supreme comfort when packing out that trophy of a lifetime. The shoulder suspensions operate on the “yoke” system which allows our staff to completely customize each pack to the hunter, accounting for both height and weight dimensions. We also customize our own contoured “free floating” hip belt with non slip grip to prevent the pack from moving up on down.

From the shoulder suspensions, hip belt, and back bands, nearly every piece of this custom pack is made for us right here in the heart of the United States.

Additional information


Hip Belt Size

Small 32" and under, Regular 32" and over