Kahtoola 10 Point Steel Crampons


Crampons are the cheapest life insurance you can take out before your next mountain hunt. From the treacherous grass of Kodiak to the millions of acres of ice fields found throughout Alaska these important accessories give you security and stability when you need it most. These powder coated steel crampons weigh in at a mere 23 ounces and fit almost any boot. The easily adjustable straps can by adjusted on the fly to insure the most secure fit regardless of the boot design. These crampons work best in mixed terrain, from grass to ice. Choose these crampons over the Kahtoola aluminum crampons if you will be primarily in rocky terrain as they will hold up longer under those circumstances.

-23 ounces
-1″ points
-3 year warranty
S/M: 4-9 US mens
M/L: 9-14 US mens

Additional information

Weight 1.25 oz