MSR WindBurner Stove System


Whether you are heating up water for hot coco or a Mountain House time and fuel are at a premium. When you are camped out on a cold ridge with the wind whipping through the rocks your stove needs to be efficient and protected. These characteristics can all be found with the new MSR WindBoiler stove. At 15.25 ounces the WindBoiler is super lightweight, but doesnt compromise performance with a boil time of 2.5 minutes (0.5 L). The radiant burner and pressure regulator ensure consistent performance, and the included tripod stability bottom means you can set up the WindBoiler almost anywhere! Built for the mountain hunter who demands performance in the elements, who prioritizes weight savings, fuel efficiency and small size.

-Components pack inside 1L cup (see cut away picture)
-15.25 ounces
-Includes lid with drinking and straining parts

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Weight 2 oz