Sea To Summit eVAC Dry Sack


The new eVAC Dry Sack is a slimmed down version of the award winning eVENT Compression Dry Sack. A waterproof, air permeable eVENT fabric on the base for valve-free air expelling, allows for compact packing. Instead of straps for compression, you just roll the sack down and air is pushed out of the base. Then close the buckle and you’ve just saved space and weight. The sack is oval-shaped, rather than round so they resist rolling when laid on their side. Suitable to keep contents dry in any wet situation where the bag is not submerged.
We recommend using these innovative and completely waterproof sacks for your clothes and personal items. Easy to compress and divide up a few days worth of clothes to even out your load these sacks provide the ultimate protection to your necessities.

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