Stubai Tour Lite Trekking Pole Ice Axe


It’s definitely NOT the Petzl Snowscopic, but after years of searching we came up with two alternatives. The Black Diamond Whippet, and the Stubai Tour Lite. IF your taller than 6′, your likely going to wish it was longer, but for a lot of guy’s having this multi tool slightly short is a benefit. It’s greatest asset is the multi use shovel on the back end. Whether your digging out a place to set camp on the side of a goat infested mountain, or simply Leveling out the ground to get the picture of a lifetime with your trophy, the Stubai Tour Lite is a great trekking pole / Ice axe combination.

-17.6 Oz.
– Adjusts from 60 – 95 cm
-Multi Tool

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Weight 1.5 oz